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Skill Analytica is a web platform where you can learn professional courses and make use of virtual lab, a fully developed coding environment, to help you get started.

Put your learning into practice on our website through the virtual coding lab, because only practice makes perfect.

Get ahead of the world through interactive and applied learning with our world-class curriculum.

Expand your skills and network with our bootcamps led by speakers from the industry.

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“ The most far-reaching curriculum you are likely to come across ”
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What We Do

We aim to turn amateurs into best-in-class professionals by providing them skills that will bring them closer to their career goals. We provide online classes that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

Mentor-driven and instructor-led courses to guide you.

The curriculum is designed by industry experts with years of experience.

We provide you an opportunity to showcase your skills with our project-oriented courses.

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The bootcamp experience brings to you a chance to expand your skills and network. Get an insight into the real-world application of innovations by talking to experts from the industry.

4 day exclusive Bootcamps

Traditional instructor led classes in collaboration with top Universities.

An opportunity to build a project with real data at the end of the bootcamp

Bootcamp locations include Singapore, Sweden, Dubai and USA.

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Virtual Lab

Practice what you have learnt on the go, whenever and wherever, with our unique online lab that is designed for gamified learning.

Practice programing on any device from anywhere.

User-friendly interface

Unlimited access for 2 months.

Compatible with all mobile devices

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World-Class Experts

We are enthusiastic and passionate about what we teach, we have expertise in the topic and an ability to communicate. These make our mentors and instructors best in the industry.

We have a network of speakers around the world.

Domain experts from top rated universities.

Ability to deliver best training to a global audience.

The right expertise to communicate concepts and demonstrate tasks and techniques

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Upcoming Bootcamps

Watch this space for updates on upcoming events and meetups in your city.

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“I was able to use the online lab on my mobile device while traveling to practice what I have learnt in the courses. Never been more confident with my coding skills!”


“They have made my learning process easy with convenient class timings and patient instructors guiding me throughout the course.”



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